Sunday 3rd May 2020 Back
The Country Soul Sessions
The Doel Brothers ★ The Magic City Trio
The Spice of Life
6 Moor St Soho London W1D 5NA  WebsiteMap
Doors: 7.00pm  Entry: £7

The Country Soul Sessions & Drew Morrison and the Darkwood are delighted to invite you to an eclectic evening of Hillbilly, Rock N’ Roll, Pop & Country Soul ♩♫ ♪ ♬ ♪
About The Artists
The Doel Brothers


We are extremely proud that El Toro recording artists The Doel Brothers will be returning to the Country Soul. The Doel Brothers are a 5 piece rockabilly/hillbilly band formed by three brothers Tommy, Gordon & David with honouree Doel Brothers Ewan Penkey and Mr Phil Morgan making up this fantastic quintet. With their stripped down country style honky-tonk hillbilly bop full of harmony & melody this band have a wonderful musical chemistry with flashing touches of the 'Louvins' & 'Johnny Cash' but yet all done in a fresh and very hip Doel Brothers way.

The Magic City Trio


We are delighted that London based outfit The Magic City Trio will be returning to the Country Soul. The band take their inspiration from pre-war country music, through to modern hillbilly noir and on their fantastic debut LP 'Amerikana Arkana’ (Kailua Recordings) flashes of Lee Hazelwood type orchestration can also be found in their music. Their songs occupy a world of murder ballads, outlaw tales and stories of loss and dustbowl depression. Come and see Frank (Guitar/vocals), Annie (guitar/vocals) Adi (bass) & Matt (drums) do what they do.